Special Issue on Recent Advances in Power System Control (will be published in Mid. 2005)
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Special Issue on Recent Advances in Power System Control

Today the high quality power supply is of essential in the economic development in a country. With the development of modern power systems and increasing demand for power supply, the electric power industry is facing a great challenge in meeting the increased load demand with highest reliability and security with minimum transmission expenditure.

Power system stability analysis and control is one of the most important issues in power systems. The problem becomes more and more serious in power systems with the development of modern power systems. The ability of a power system to maintain stability and to provide high quality power supply depends to a large extent on the controls available on the system. Consequently, the study and design of power system controls are very important for modern power systems. A special issue on recent advances in power system control will be published in International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems (http://www.ijcas.com). This Special Issue aims at exhibiting the latest research achievement, findings and ideas in the areas of power system control.

Manuscripts will undergo a normal review process. Only manuscripts with minor modification will be accepted for publication in the Special Issue. Those manuscripts that need a major revision will be forwarded to the journal office for examining possible publication in regular issues.

Important Dates:

Submission of Manuscripts: 1 September, 2004
Notification of Acceptance: 1 December, 2004
Submission of Final Papers: 1 February, 2005
Publication: Mid. 2005

Guest Editors:

Prof. Youyi Wang
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Block S2
Singapore 639798

Prof. Shuzhi Sam Ge
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
The National University of Singapore
Singapore 117576

The manuscripts can be submitted in the electronic file (in PDF or WORD format) to one of Guest Editors.

All submission should include a title page containing the title of the paper, full names and affiliation, complete postal and electronic address, phone and fax numbers, an abstract and a list of keywords, followed by the main text (double-spaced format), references, list of figures and tables, figures, and tables. Once a paper is accepted, a manuscript template file will be sent to the authors. The corresponding author should be clearly identified.

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