Most Downloaded Articles in 2022
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Most Downloaded Articles in 2022

Top 10 most downloaded articles in 2022. Source: Web of Science

1. Soft Robot Review
Chiwon Lee, Myungjoon Kim, Yoon Jae Kim, Nhayoung Hong, Seungwan Ryu, H. Jin Kim, and Sungwan Kim*
February 2017

2. Model Predictive Control: Review of the Three Decades of Development
Jay H. Lee
June 2011

3. A Review on Teleoperation of Mobile Ground Robots: Architecture and Situation Awareness
Samwel Opiyo, Jun Zhou*, Emmy Mwangi, Wang Kai, and Idris Sunusi
March 2021

4. Autopilots for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Survey
HaiYang Chao*, YongCan Cao, and YangQuan Chen
February 2010

5. Adaptive State-space Control of Under-actuated Systems Using Error-magnitude Dependent Self-tuning of Cost Weighting-factors
Omer Saleem* and Khalid Mahmood-ul-Hasan
February 2021

6. Real-time Parameter Updating and Path-following Control for Autonomous Vehicles on Slope Roads
Zhongchao Liang, Yidi Chen, and Jing Zhao*
July 2022

7. Feedback Linearization vs. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for a Quadrotor Helicopter
Daewon Lee, H. Jin Kim*, and Shankar Sastry
June 2009

8. Trajectory Planning with Collision Avoidance for Redundant Robots Using Jacobian and Artificial Potential Field-based Real-time Inverse Kinematics
Sun-Oh Park, Min Cheol Lee*, and Jaehyung Kim
August 2020

9. Time Series Prediction of Wastewater Flow Rate by Bidirectional LSTM Deep Learning
Hoon Kang*, Seunghyeok Yang, Jianying Huang, and Jeill Oh
December 2020

10. Adaptive Reinforcement Learning Strategy with Sliding Mode Control for Unknown and Disturbed Wheeled Inverted Pendulum
Phuong Nam Dao* and Yen-Chen Liu
February 2021
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