Call for Proposals for Special Issues
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Special issue: This journal also publishes special/guest-edited issues. The peer review process for these articles is the same as the peer review process of the journal in general. Additionally, if the guest editor(s) authors an article in their special issue, they will not handle the peer review process.

The International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems (IJCAS) seeks for special issues on topics of significant interest to the Control, Robotics, and AI community as follows:

- Theory and applications of automatic control
- Theory, applications, and experimentation of robotics
- Artificial intelligence into control, robotics and engineering systems.

If you wish to propose a special issue, please provide the information below. Submit your proposal to the editorial office at All guest editors must be included in your email using their institutional email addresses.

We will reply to all proposals, but not all proposals will be taken forward as special issues of the journal. If we see a potential interest in your proposal, Editor-in-Chief will work with the guest editors to develop the proposal before making a final decision. The final decision will be made at an editorial board meeting composed of several senior editors.



- Names of all guest editors including full affiliations and institutional email addresses.
- Brief CVs of all guest editors and/or links to their institutional webpages.
- Nomination for a lead guest editor.

CONTENT (Call for Papers draft)

- Proposed title of the special issue.
- Justification for the issue.
- Aims and scope, plus topics of interest
- Submission deadline.
- Proposed deadlines for reviewing, author revision and final notification.


- How many submissions do you anticipate?
- All Special Issues must have an open Call for Papers. Please specify if you intend to attract submissions to the special issue in other ways as well.
- If your issue is based on a conference or workshop, please specify.

Thank you for your consideration to special issue.
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June 2024

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